Don’t leave it to chance make your Will today save your loved ones a potential problem if you pass away without a Will.

Why should I make a Will?

If you do not have a Will, your money and other assets will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules (a Government written Will).  The result may not be what you would choose and cause problems for your loved ones.

  • If you have an invalid Will none of your wishes may be carried out, either an earlier Will or intestacy rules will be used to administer your estate
  • If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner will NOT inherit unless you have a valid Will
  • If you are separated but not divorced your ex-partner may get everything, leaving nothing for those you wish to inherit
  • You may want to prevent a member of your family benefiting from your Estate this can only be done through a Will
  • If you are retired you may not have reviewed your Will for some time.  You may have additional grand-children to add or others to remove
  • You can protect your property from being taken to pay for care fees with a correctly drafted Will

Making your Will is one of the most important decisions you will make, please allow KingsGuard Legal, will writers and LPA solicitors in Stourbridge, to ensure its as simple as possible and your loved ones are protected.

All fees below are inclusive of VAT

Will Prices

Single Will – £185.00 inc.VAT

Couples Wills – £285.00 inc.VAT

Protective Will Trust

From £500.00 inc.VAT

Secure Document Storage

Including Wills and Deeds – £25.00 per year inc.VAT

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

The legal method of appointing someone to look after your financial affairs if, due to accident or illness or simply due to age you are unable to after them yourself. Jack Straw, former Lord Chancellor and Secretary For Justice, once said;

"We all know how important it is to plan for the future. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney…in place should be as common and natural as making a Will. It ensures that a person of your choosing will be able to manage your affairs should you loose capacity, be it as a result of dementia, mental illness or and accident."

If you can’t manage your own financial affairs or wish to ensure that when the time comes in the future, there is a simple solution complete our Lasting Power of Attorney application form and we will arrange for an LPA to be issued to you for you to sign.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Prices

Property & Financial Affairs from £299.99 inc.VAT (Office Pubic Guardians fees if required are 82.00 per document)

Lasting Power of Attorney discount packages with both Wills and LPAs are available on request. This can be a grant way to save money and ensure your family is protected under all circumstances.